Smart Street Lightening System

Spark Electronics designs and manufactures intelligent lighting systems that increases energy efficiency; lowers operational cost and enhances street light lifespan. It also ensures citizen safety & quality of life and focuses on the system reliability.

Our system provides you with instant feedback at the time of an electrical failure via a smart app, rather than relying on third party reports.

We also aim at improving safety standards for pedestrians and drivers. Apart from electricity savings, our system enables easy and efficient maintenance, hence making it an ideal choice for infrastructure developers.

Features that we Offer

  • User friendly app based control with a quick response time and minimum data usage.
  • Individual and centralised light control.
  • Sensors to adapt itself with changes in natural lighting (sunrise/sunset/weather conditions) to optimise saving/electricity/power.
  • Inbuilt system to switch OFF lights in case of voltage fluctuations.
  • Remote monitoring – anytime and anywhere.
  • Real time/immediate fault detection and rectification on email/message and app notification.
  • Monthly report on energy consumption and fault detection.
  • Monitor energy consumption at any given point of time.
  • Customizable to all types of lights.


  • Considerable reduction in electricity bill.
  • Wireless technology with no extra cost.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Works with all type of lights along with providing an overview of all the streetlights through our app Smartphone app based control.
  • Minimum installation cost.
  • Prompt after sales services

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