Smart Home Theatre Automation

Our Smart Home Theatre Automation system will take the home entertainment to a different level. We will make you feel that you are a part of the performers and actors experiencing the real time visual and audio effect in person. It is no longer is home theatre about a row of chairs that's limited to a specific room. It is now a ‘near and visual and audio’ experience ‘on screen’ at your homes. During the viewing you would be transported to the ‘reel world’ from the ‘real world’ giving you the much required break from the daily humdrum activities. We assure you that you would be refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the sensational session.

You would also be able to control the lighting, curtains, temperature, TV, audio, video by just a click of a button. We fulfill your desires within your space and budget to provide you a theater experience within your homes.

With this comes our Smart Home, Theatre Automation system through which we take entertainment to another level. With the entertainment industry booming, people want to improve their home viewing and listening experience and depending on the customer's desires, space and budget, we can enhance the home theatre experience. where the family can have any configuration that they want to design along with other home theatre equipment.


  • Managing all the equipment from one place
  • User friendly App interface to ensure simple controls
  • User friendly App interface to ensure simple controls

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Features That We Provide

Centralised control of all the elements in the room such as fans, air conditioner, lights, curtains via a smart app.

Smart app can also be used to control the projector screen and other projector functions.

The thing that makes this system smart is the able to detect when a person enters the room or when a movie starts playing and accordingly control the lighting.

System also provides smart mood lighting.