Smart Home Automation

Your home is one of the most prized possessions you have and we at spark understand it.

Spark Smart Home Automation system aims at providing you a safe and efficient solution to your everyday problems. With our services you will save money, achieve greater flexibility, ensure environmental-friendliness and have an absolute transparency of your electricity consumption.

Spark welcomes you to an enchanting way of living with us. We allow you to control your house with a click of a few buttons through our app. It cleverly manages your home by integrating technology with your lifestyle/choices.

The system will allow you to control the lighting, appliances, cameras, curtains or shades, temperatures, door lock systems and ultimately everything that runs on power!

Sit back and relax as our product will help you save costs, assure comfort and convenience, and enable you to build dream home.


  • Easy and Efficient maintenance.
  • Efficient energy management resulting in reduced electricity bills.
  • Easy detection and rectification of malfunction through smart app.
  • Real-time energy monitoring and analysis.
  • Easy dimming, scheduling of lights.

Other Products

Features That We Provide

Centralised and individual control of all electrical appliances.

Easy app based controls.

Remote monitoring of all appliances anytime , anywhere.

Voice Command enabled control.

Sensors that detect the presence of a person and automatically lights the room.

Check faulty and extraneous energy consumption.

System that automatically senses the sunrise and sunset to switch off and on the lights and devices.

HVAC , lightening and scene control.

Control shades and curtains.

Appliances - AC , light , fan automatically switches on/off based on the weather outside.

Individual / centralized music control.